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HMO Management: Welcome


1. Compliance

HMOs have a number of regulations that needs to be adhered to as set by local authorities. The team will review your property layout and consult on what changes, if any, are needed. Following that we will then liaise with the authority to achieve a license. 

2. Safeguarding

Once we have achieved licensing our aim will always be to get rent coming in. Therefore, we need to get the property up to a high standard for viewings and then get the offers rolling in. 

3. Enhancing

When taking your investment to the next level - we ask ourselves "if this was our property what would we do to maximise return". For example by improving the shared facilities or modernising the common parts to improve first appearances, you could achieve a higher rent.

Our approach allows landlords to trust their ROI has been considered from day one and that even if these recommendations cannot be done immediately there is a long-term plan.

HMO Management: The Process


All our clients are given a login to their own Landlord Account where the following information can be accessed:

Up to date set of accounts and statements, access to contractor invoices so you can see we do not mark-up any costs to you - 100% transparency on costs and all important tenancy and property documents such as Gas Safety Certificates and contracts.


HMOs tend to be converted from flats or large houses and can therefore have awkward setups and host historical issues. The team are experienced with these types of properties and will always look to ensure an issue is fixed for the long-term.


This is particularly important for HMOs as facilities are shared. Respectful tenants are a top priority for these types of properties. We undertake all viewings  and referencing. The team will draw up tenancy agreements and manage deposits in authorised schemes.


Our Director Rory MacDonald has the experience to go in to an HMO and recommend what he feels the best steps are to enhance the property for an improving return. Some properties do need proactive refurbishments to avoid serious deterioration and we will review this regularly.


This is one of the main reasons people work with us because we can exercise our knowledge and experience in how to set up a compliant HMO. Bearing the above in mind we will be pleased to meet new clients on site for an immediate assessment so if we are instructed, can plan a way forward.


Regularly visiting your HMO's is important to ensure the property is well maintained. It is also important to check that tenants have not moved in to share rooms that we do not know about. We take our regular inspections seriously to ensure we are always complaint with HMO rules.


There can be all sorts of options to consider with a large property - do I need to invest in my plumbing system now, will an HMO work in this location, should I invest in my HMO to drive average rent up. Rory is the best person to discuss your HMO with and make a strategic plan to maximise ROI.

HMO Management: Services
Property Management


For us to be able to do a great job for you we need to have a network of contractors that we can depend on - and we do. The contractors we work with are extended family to us as we call them 7 days a week during unsociable hours and there is a mutual understanding that jobs need fixing quickly and cost effectively. ​

The biggest advantage about our relationship with contractors is we have worked with them long-term and they get to know properties and landlord expectations. 

HMO Management: The Process
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Call us: 020 7589 6699 

Email us:

Address: 53-55 Felsham Road, Unit 15 Princeton Court, Putney SW15 1AZ

Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm

HMO Management: Business Hours
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